Dear Panerai, Stop Putting The Navy SEAL Trident On UK Best Replica Panerai Watches For Sale

An Open Letter to Panerai, From Watches of Espionage

In 2022, Panerai released the limited-edition “Navy SEALs collection” available intended for purchase by the public, and not exclusively Navy SEALs. The cheap Panerai replica watches are operator-chic , complete with a Navy SEAL Trident on the dial or caseback and a “Time to Target countdown” feature. The prices range from $10,000 – $60,000, the high-end models including an invitation to a multi-day Special Operations experience (Xperience) which, according to one journalist, means the “buyer of the watch joins retired Navy SEALs on an immersive adventure that will include a rigorous training and rescue mission.”

The releases continued through 2023 and into 2024, with the latest Xperience occurring last week in Florida. As an influential voice in the NatSec watch community, we feel compelled to comment on the matter. To be clear, our intentions are pure. We’re apolitical and see high quality fake Panerai watches as a vessel to look at the larger world of NatSec, Military, and Intelligence. We want Panerai and all watch brands to succeed and provide a service to our community and the broader public. But we think Panerai needs a course correction when it pertains to this watch and this “Xperience.”

Dear Panerai,

I first learned of Officine Panerai in the 2010s, sitting in a third world capital having drinks with a SEAL colleague. My friend explained that Panerai had a strong following in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) due to the brand’s lineage that can be traced to the Italian Frogmen of WWII. Like many others, he bought his first Panerai to commemorate a deployment and the top UK replica Panerai Luminor Marina watches was a nod to those who came before him. In our community, history is everything. Tradition matters.

I was immediately intrigued. The signature case shape appealed to my alpha-driven tastes and the history of the brand appealed to me. Over the next year, I visited boutiques in London, Istanbul, and Johannesburg to try on some Panerais before ultimately making a purchase: a tobacco dial titanium Luminor Marina 8 Days PAM 00564. I wore it throughout the next overseas tour as a CIA case officer, including during the chaotic events of a coup d’etat. While my taste in perfect Panerai copy watches has shifted over time, I will never sell that watch and it’s not an understatement to say your brand has had a strong influence on my passion for timepieces.

Heritage Matters

Several watch blogs have called into question Panerai’s claimed lineage and marketing narrative and even resorted to personal attacks on your leadership, but this discourse does not specifically interest us. The fact is, luxury Panerai replica watches of today does have a strong customer base in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) regardless of exactly how it was formed. I have personally seen your timepieces on the wrists of operators overseas, at Chick’s Oyster Bar in Virginia Beach, and in SCIFs in Northern Virginia. No matter exactly how it happened, the connection between Panerai and the SpecOps community is real.

That said, we think that your latest iteration of the Swiss movements fake Panerai “Navy SEAL” watches, and specifically the use of the SEAL Trident – an eagle clutching a U.S. Navy anchor, trident, and flintlock-style pistol – for the commercial market is a little too much- likely a well-intentioned marketing scheme gone awry.

To be clear, I do not speak for the NSW community. I haven’t earned the Trident myself, which is why I would never wear it on a watch or t-shirt. I have spoken with over a dozen active and former “Team Guys” and opinions vary from disgust to admiration- the majority rolling their eyes, having bigger things to worry about. We can assume that you have support from some in the NSW leadership and have gone through the legal requirements to license the Trident. Further, we understand that a (unspecified) portion of the proceeds benefit the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, which is fantastic. But just because you can put the Trident on a commercially available AAA Panerai replica watches, doesn’t mean you should.

The Best Things (Watches) are Earned Not Bought:

The Navy SEAL Trident is earned by those who qualify for the Navy Special Warfare Operator (SO) rating after completing the arduous selection process: the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) and SEAL Qualification Training (SQT). The “Budweiser” is a strong source of pride and reminder of service, sacrifice, and far too many lost brothers.

We understand that a limited number of the 2024 China super clone Panerai watches are reserved for active and retired Navy SEALS at a steeply discounted price (~60% off retail) and an (unspecified) portion of the proceeds are donated to the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum and at least one watch was auctioned for charity. Well done.

Discretion is the Way

There is nothing wrong with SEALs wearing a Trident on their watch and we are aware of several unit-specific watches (by Tudor and others) that incorporate the Trident into the design. I know several SEALs purchased your Panerai and treasure the watch. It’s the civilian versions that give me pause. A simple solution is to reserve the Trident-laden Panerai replica watches for sale for the SEALs and sell a separate “military-inspired” version without the Trident or “Navy SEALs” on the dial.

Special Operations Experience (Xperience)

It’s tempting to criticize the “Navy SEAL Xperience” that comes with the $60,000+ PAM01402, and yes, it’s borderline corny. That said, anything that pushes people to better understand the commitment and sacrifice our SEALs make on our behalf is a good thing. We understand you employ former SEALs to guide participants through this crucible and we are confident that they provide an experience that exceeds expectations.

Assume Noble Intent – never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by naivety.

To be clear, I actually don’t think this is a cash grab and I believe the “SEAL Watch” concept is likely a well-intended but naively-crafted strategy. When it comes to the military and the broader NatSec community, watch brands are naive. They simply do not know the complexities of the community. SpecOps personnel generally don’t seek out jobs in the marketing departments of luxury watch companies. That said, many other watch brands get it right and there is a template for success. Look at the special projects programs of Tudor, Omega, Bremont and your sister company IWC (also owned by Richemont) and you will find successful strategies that respectfully honor our community.


You don’t highlight a problem without presenting a solution. The key to any successful marketing initiative is authenticity.

-Focus on Unit Watches – A unit watch is a timepiece that is customized by the manufacturer for members of a specific unit or organization and can only be purchased by current or former members. Most brands offer these at a discount. While initially secret, inevitably pictures leak out, which is fantastic publicity that drives sales and promotes brand loyalty on the civilian side, while still remaining exclusive to the military side.

As a recent example, Omega quietly released a special Seamaster Diver 300M (with the Trident discreetly engraved on the caseback) that is available to current and former Team Guys. There was no press release; however, they ultimately found their way onto social media, creating a positive return for marketing for the brand. It’s a sound business decision and a win-win for everyone. Most importantly, it’s authentic.

-Be transparent about donations: Last year our small company, Watches of Espionage, donated $24,800 to Third Option Foundation. How much did Panerai donate to NSW museums and charities as a result of sales? According to bar napkin math, if Panerai sold all of the Swiss made fake Panerai watches in 2023, you would have generated over $30 million in revenue. How much was given to the museum or NSF?

-Be transparent about US Navy lineage: According to a September 2022 Forbes article, “Panerai’s historic team verified the legitimacy of an order and approval dating back to 1953 for luxury replica Panerai watches and diving instruments for the US Navy.” This is a fascinating development that seems to be glossed over. What are the details of this order and for “watches and instruments”? Is there official documentation available? Many from the watch and NatSec community would find this fascinating.

-Listen to the SEALs: Again, you have a real customer base in the NSW community. Reach out to them, ask for their input and feedback and incorporate this into the design. Anecdotally, I know several SEALs expressed concern about the Trident on the dial and the overall design of the watch. Listening to the intended end user is crucial for product development.

-Lastly, keep the Trident and “Navy SEALs” off commercially available watches. It’s really that simple.

Again, this is not meant to be a rabble rousing post–it’s quite the contrary; we want to see Panerai flourish and sell Panerai replica watches wholesale to the Intelligence and SpecOps community for generations to come. With a slight azimuth adjustment we think you can get back on course.

If someone from the NSW community would like to respond to this we would be more than happy to run that article.

We all know SEALs love to write.

“India Holds A Special Place In Best UK Panerai Fake Watches’ Plans,” Says CEO

Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO, Panerai, spoke to Man’s World about his India plans and the brand’s recent new launches.

You have significantly increased your presence in India with a beautiful new boutique at Jio World Plaza. What does this signify in terms of your India plans, and what has been your experience in the country so far?

India holds a special place in top Panerai replica watches‘ plans, given its significant potential for growth. Having over a decade-long presence in the country now, we are delighted to reinforce our commitment to India with the opening of our third boutique at Jio World Plaza, Mumbai. Our expansion plans in the country align with our belief in India’s evolving market landscape. As a matter of fact, India stands out for its promising growth trajectory in the luxury market.

The new boutique at Jio World Plaza is designed to offer the same premium experience enjoyed by our customers in Europe and the US, reflecting our dedication to delivering excellence. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect with a broader audience in India and anticipate the emergence of a thriving luxury market.

After a major emphasis on the Radiomir models earlier in the year, you are closing the year with some new Luminor, including the recent AAA online fake Panerai Luna Rossa Quaranta series watches. A few weeks ago, you launched the Luminor Marina Milan Edition. Tell us more about these high quality Panerai replica watches.
The launch of the Radiomir collection this year has represented a very important step, as Radiomir defines where it all began for us: it was the invention of the radiomir substance for the Italian Navy to set in motion Panerai’s legendary story, and a Radiomir was the first ever cheap UK Panerai copy watches made in 1935.

On the other hand, our goal is to continue to build on our rich heritage, while strengthening all our collection: the Radiomir, our original and timeless classic, the Luminor, the core pillar of our brand, the Luminor Due, a modern reinterpretation of our emblematic design, and the Submersible, retaining its own unique pathway in our journey of exploration.

The recent two 40mm launches – the PAM01408 Luminor Quaranta Steel DLC Luna Rossa and PAM01404 Luminor Quaranta BiTempo Luna Rossa – are part of a tribute to the enduring partnership with Luna Rossa, expounding on Panerai’s DNA in forging a portfolio of remarkable luxury fake Panerai watches with a particular focus on instruments for aquatic adventures characterized by passion-driven research for advancement.

The PAM01408 Luminor Luna Rossa Quaranta cuts a sleek impression with its black 40mm Steel DLC (diamond-like carbon) case and a blue sun-brushed dial that features the date at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock. Powered by the automatic P.900 calibre with a three-day power reserve, its 40mm case size is a perfect fit for all-around wear.

For the traveller, the PAM01404 Luminor Luna Rossa Quaranta BiTempo delivers with its automatic P.900/GMT calibre with a three-day power reserve. Displaying two time zones, the tip of the GMT hand is gilded in red in tribute to the color of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team’s boat sail. The perfect Panerai super clone watches is set in a 40mm steel case and features a blue sun-brushed dial.

The Swiss made replica Panerai Luminor Marina Milan Edition PAM02319 watches was born to commemorate the recently inaugurated new Casa Panerai at 19 via Montenapoleone in Milan. This is a special edition available in 319 pieces – in reference to the boutique’s address, featuring a 44mm steel DLC case with a novel blue and black dial, offering a sleek and durable design. It includes a small seconds dial, a date window, and white SuperLuminova accents. Unique to this model are engravings of Milanese landmarks on the case back and the name ‘Milano’ on its patented crown protection device.

You also recently launched your Casa Panerai in Milan, with an expected roll out around the world. How is this store different from the regular stores and sales points? 

The recently inaugurated Flagship Store in Milan offers a captivating continuation of the ‘Casa Panerai’ narrative, which began with our opening in New York.

This is not just a store, but a true home that encapsulates the spirit of Panerai fake watches for men– steeped in history and innovation. The Flagship incorporates influences of the city, while its design reflects the ambiance of a Salotto Milanese with unmistakable classic design elements.

The boutique includes Bar Italiano for a relaxed atmosphere, a heritage area showcasing the brand’s history, and a high-end area highlighting Panerai’s craftsmanship.

There’s also a Collector Corner for rare vintage pieces and a VIP area for private engagements, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience into the world of 2024 China Panerai replica watches.

You have been at the helm at Panerai for five years now. How would you describe your experience? And what would you call your significant achievements?

Looking back, it is evident that both the company and the broader luxury industry have undergone significant transformations. When I first came in, we were at a pivotal point, navigating through a series of disruptive changes that were reshaping the landscape of the luxury market. Today, we operate in an environment where consumers have a world of information and options literally at their fingertips.

It has been a conscious effort to evolve with our clientele, recognising their desire for a holistic 360-degree experience that transcends beyond just owning a product.

It’s about crafting a journey that embodies the rich legacy of Swiss movements replica Panerai watches, married with innovation, offering experiences that are as unique and invaluable as the timepieces we create.

We are almost at the end of the year; what can we expect from Panerai
in 2024?
As we steer into the future, we will keep on focusing on evolving across our four fundamental collections. A key component of this evolution is embracing technological innovation, not only in terms of the materials we use but also in the making of our calibers, showcasing our manufacturing capabilities.

Our objective is to foster the creation of best quality Panerai replica watches that embody an exceedingly high level of technological and innovative content, thereby uplifting the intrinsic know-how of watchmaking. This involves a range of complexities, including high-end features, dual-time functionality, and chronographs, among others, essentially harnessing the best of technicity in our offerings.

New Perfect 1:1 Panerai Replica Watches UK Combine Diving And Sporty Attributes

Top UK Panerai replica watches‘ history has long been entwined with the Italian military, and its commitment to crafting timepieces that embody the ideals championed by them: Bravery, team spirit, and adrenaline. The Navy SEALs—known for their exceptional training and feats—embody these same values. This luxury fake Panerai collection watches merges the two, featuring specialised diving and sporty attributes.

The high quality replica Panerai Luminor Marina Navy SEALs PAM01412 watches is a re-edition of an iconic Panerai model. The AAA best Panerai copy watches has an anthracite-shaded dial that features the inscription ‘Navy SEALs’, and is a limited edition of 862 pieces. This collaboration is reinforced with two Luminor Chrono references, PAM01409 and PAM01419. Both the timepieces have shaded black dials with the ‘Navy SEALs’ inscription and are available in a limited edition of 562 and 462 pieces respectively.

The cheap fake Panerai PAM01323 watches features a 44m steel case and bezel that contrasts beautifully with a shaded grainy black dial. The dial is darker at the perimeter than at the centre, and sports large dots and golden yellow colour accents for each hand and the numerals to make it highly legible. The Navy Seals emblem is engraved on the case back. For thrill seekers, it’s the PAM01402, the Experience Edition: Submersible Chrono Navy SEALs (50 pieces) that seals the deal for any Paneraiphile since the 2024 wholesale Panerai super clone watches owner will be invited to participate in an immersive thematic Special Operations Experience. How’s that for pumping up the excitement quotient?

Luxury UK Fake Panerai Luminor Watches – From The Sea To The World

Panerai has become such a permanent fixture in the world of watchmaking that it’s hard to remember just how significant its contribution to that world has been. Its ascension is closely bound up with the rise of dive Panerai replica watches for sale in general, coupled with the fact that it established the whole vintage genre virtually single-handedly. Drawing on a history that ticked all the right boxes in the watchmaking of the 2000s, it had the right ingredients to deliver legitimacy, become desirable and expand. Founded in 1860, Orologeria G. Panerai & Co’s shop was situated on the Ponte alle Grazie, Florence; just like thousands of other small businesses of the time, it originally sold and repaired pocket 1:1 Panerai fake watches. The Panerai family then embarked on an artisanal trajectory, becoming suppliers of measuring instruments to the Marina Militare in the 1910s. From 1915 onwards, the firm began supplying luminous combat sights. This led it to encounter another very recent military speciality: underwater warfare, a source of fascination to Europeans during World War 1 and the early days of submarines. Panerai’s first major step in this direction was to patent UK best replica Panerai Radiomir watches in 1916. Radium was already known to have luminous properties, but Panerai’s patented mixture stabilised the element and made it glow for longer in the dark.


The second step came in 1935, with the creation of an experimental series of perfect Panerai copy watches destined for the divers of the Royal Italian Navy. Close inspection reveals that Panerai’s 2533 is in fact a bespoke adaptation of a Rolex pocket watch. It shares the same case, the same movement and the same principle of water resistance (to just 20 metres, the maximum depth at which its future wearers would be training). Almost by accident, cheap Panerai replica watches had defined a unique style, look and feel: a black dial with four Arabic numerals and hands coated with its luminous material. Dive watches weren’t yet a thing as such, but this forerunner piece (which perfectly fulfilled its purpose) had all the essential ingredients of one. In 1938, the first fully-fledged Swiss made Panerai Radiomir fake watches was born: 47mm in diameter, 15mm thick, with genuine welded lugs, a screw-down crown and a triple-layer ‘sandwich’ dial containing generous helpings of Radiomir. The top replica Panerai watches met the needs of soldiers in active service — and thus had a genuine war record, the ultimate accolade for any self-respecting dive watch, tool watch or vintage watch.


Between the 1940s and 1970s, wholesale replica Panerai watches continued to supply military measuring instruments, compasses and other procurement items. It wasn’t yet a brand as such — even if it was starting to look like one, not least in 1956 when it registered a landmark patent for its crown-guard bridge, which held the crown in place to ensure it stayed water-tight. The invention overcame the Swiss movements fake Panerai watches’ main weakness and created a distinctive visual identity — although only off and on, as Panerai dithered over its use. All this was to change with the arrival of an engineer named Dino Zei in 1972. Zei jump-started development work and began to create extreme prototypes. In 1993, he launched production runs of several hundred models based on designs dating back to the 1930s and 40s. In doing so, Zei established the neo-vintage style — and the in-your-face, oversize ethos of Panerai itself. Panerai’s story took another unexpected turn when Sylvester Stallone fell in love with its high quality Panerai replica watches. In 1995, the actor entered negotiations with a view to the production of limited-edition watches under the Sly Tech name, offering undreamed-of promotional potential, but the hoped-for output was never achieved (a few rare timepieces have survived). The failure of the venture contributed to Panerai’s decision to sell up. In March 1997, Franco Cologni, CEO of Cartier and a key strategist within the Vendôme Group (later known as Richemont) spearheaded the buyout of Officine Panerai and handed over the reins to another Italian, Angelo Bonati.

Scaling the heights

Between them, the two men propelled Panerai super clone watches shop to the heights of desirability. As a result of this radical shift in 1998-2002, the brand became immensely popular, selling everything in its inventory to aficionados and becoming a fashion a collectors’ phenomenon. Backed by its claim to the hallowed quality of historical legitimacy, carefully curated with just the right amount of storytelling, while establishing a unique and hitherto obscure style coupled with a creative policy focused on large, imposing Panerai replica watches site, Panerai manoeuvred beautifully and caught every wave. It never lost sight of its diving identity, either, although it did extend the idea to cover the sea in general, invoking its history with marine chronometers and chronographs to do so. Panerai set up in its own premises in Neuchâtel in 2002, adding further substance in 2005 with the creation of its first in-house calibre, the P.2002. By then the brand was already a central feature in contemporary watchmaking. Its underwater origins, meanwhile, have been preserved — a suitable name here, the shape of a case there and of course a collection of genuine dive fake Panerai watches for men under the Submersible name. Besides all that, the fact remains that its entire ethos was born beneath the waves.