Dear Panerai, Stop Putting The Navy SEAL Trident On UK Best Replica Panerai Watches For Sale

An Open Letter to Panerai, From Watches of Espionage

In 2022, Panerai released the limited-edition “Navy SEALs collection” available intended for purchase by the public, and not exclusively Navy SEALs. The cheap Panerai replica watches are operator-chic , complete with a Navy SEAL Trident on the dial or caseback and a “Time to Target countdown” feature. The prices range from $10,000 – $60,000, the high-end models including an invitation to a multi-day Special Operations experience (Xperience) which, according to one journalist, means the “buyer of the watch joins retired Navy SEALs on an immersive adventure that will include a rigorous training and rescue mission.”

The releases continued through 2023 and into 2024, with the latest Xperience occurring last week in Florida. As an influential voice in the NatSec watch community, we feel compelled to comment on the matter. To be clear, our intentions are pure. We’re apolitical and see high quality fake Panerai watches as a vessel to look at the larger world of NatSec, Military, and Intelligence. We want Panerai and all watch brands to succeed and provide a service to our community and the broader public. But we think Panerai needs a course correction when it pertains to this watch and this “Xperience.”

Dear Panerai,

I first learned of Officine Panerai in the 2010s, sitting in a third world capital having drinks with a SEAL colleague. My friend explained that Panerai had a strong following in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) due to the brand’s lineage that can be traced to the Italian Frogmen of WWII. Like many others, he bought his first Panerai to commemorate a deployment and the top UK replica Panerai Luminor Marina watches was a nod to those who came before him. In our community, history is everything. Tradition matters.

I was immediately intrigued. The signature case shape appealed to my alpha-driven tastes and the history of the brand appealed to me. Over the next year, I visited boutiques in London, Istanbul, and Johannesburg to try on some Panerais before ultimately making a purchase: a tobacco dial titanium Luminor Marina 8 Days PAM 00564. I wore it throughout the next overseas tour as a CIA case officer, including during the chaotic events of a coup d’etat. While my taste in perfect Panerai copy watches has shifted over time, I will never sell that watch and it’s not an understatement to say your brand has had a strong influence on my passion for timepieces.

Heritage Matters

Several watch blogs have called into question Panerai’s claimed lineage and marketing narrative and even resorted to personal attacks on your leadership, but this discourse does not specifically interest us. The fact is, luxury Panerai replica watches of today does have a strong customer base in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) regardless of exactly how it was formed. I have personally seen your timepieces on the wrists of operators overseas, at Chick’s Oyster Bar in Virginia Beach, and in SCIFs in Northern Virginia. No matter exactly how it happened, the connection between Panerai and the SpecOps community is real.

That said, we think that your latest iteration of the Swiss movements fake Panerai “Navy SEAL” watches, and specifically the use of the SEAL Trident – an eagle clutching a U.S. Navy anchor, trident, and flintlock-style pistol – for the commercial market is a little too much- likely a well-intentioned marketing scheme gone awry.

To be clear, I do not speak for the NSW community. I haven’t earned the Trident myself, which is why I would never wear it on a watch or t-shirt. I have spoken with over a dozen active and former “Team Guys” and opinions vary from disgust to admiration- the majority rolling their eyes, having bigger things to worry about. We can assume that you have support from some in the NSW leadership and have gone through the legal requirements to license the Trident. Further, we understand that a (unspecified) portion of the proceeds benefit the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, which is fantastic. But just because you can put the Trident on a commercially available AAA Panerai replica watches, doesn’t mean you should.

The Best Things (Watches) are Earned Not Bought:

The Navy SEAL Trident is earned by those who qualify for the Navy Special Warfare Operator (SO) rating after completing the arduous selection process: the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) and SEAL Qualification Training (SQT). The “Budweiser” is a strong source of pride and reminder of service, sacrifice, and far too many lost brothers.

We understand that a limited number of the 2024 China super clone Panerai watches are reserved for active and retired Navy SEALS at a steeply discounted price (~60% off retail) and an (unspecified) portion of the proceeds are donated to the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum and at least one watch was auctioned for charity. Well done.

Discretion is the Way

There is nothing wrong with SEALs wearing a Trident on their watch and we are aware of several unit-specific watches (by Tudor and others) that incorporate the Trident into the design. I know several SEALs purchased your Panerai and treasure the watch. It’s the civilian versions that give me pause. A simple solution is to reserve the Trident-laden Panerai replica watches for sale for the SEALs and sell a separate “military-inspired” version without the Trident or “Navy SEALs” on the dial.

Special Operations Experience (Xperience)

It’s tempting to criticize the “Navy SEAL Xperience” that comes with the $60,000+ PAM01402, and yes, it’s borderline corny. That said, anything that pushes people to better understand the commitment and sacrifice our SEALs make on our behalf is a good thing. We understand you employ former SEALs to guide participants through this crucible and we are confident that they provide an experience that exceeds expectations.

Assume Noble Intent – never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by naivety.

To be clear, I actually don’t think this is a cash grab and I believe the “SEAL Watch” concept is likely a well-intended but naively-crafted strategy. When it comes to the military and the broader NatSec community, watch brands are naive. They simply do not know the complexities of the community. SpecOps personnel generally don’t seek out jobs in the marketing departments of luxury watch companies. That said, many other watch brands get it right and there is a template for success. Look at the special projects programs of Tudor, Omega, Bremont and your sister company IWC (also owned by Richemont) and you will find successful strategies that respectfully honor our community.


You don’t highlight a problem without presenting a solution. The key to any successful marketing initiative is authenticity.

-Focus on Unit Watches – A unit watch is a timepiece that is customized by the manufacturer for members of a specific unit or organization and can only be purchased by current or former members. Most brands offer these at a discount. While initially secret, inevitably pictures leak out, which is fantastic publicity that drives sales and promotes brand loyalty on the civilian side, while still remaining exclusive to the military side.

As a recent example, Omega quietly released a special Seamaster Diver 300M (with the Trident discreetly engraved on the caseback) that is available to current and former Team Guys. There was no press release; however, they ultimately found their way onto social media, creating a positive return for marketing for the brand. It’s a sound business decision and a win-win for everyone. Most importantly, it’s authentic.

-Be transparent about donations: Last year our small company, Watches of Espionage, donated $24,800 to Third Option Foundation. How much did Panerai donate to NSW museums and charities as a result of sales? According to bar napkin math, if Panerai sold all of the Swiss made fake Panerai watches in 2023, you would have generated over $30 million in revenue. How much was given to the museum or NSF?

-Be transparent about US Navy lineage: According to a September 2022 Forbes article, “Panerai’s historic team verified the legitimacy of an order and approval dating back to 1953 for luxury replica Panerai watches and diving instruments for the US Navy.” This is a fascinating development that seems to be glossed over. What are the details of this order and for “watches and instruments”? Is there official documentation available? Many from the watch and NatSec community would find this fascinating.

-Listen to the SEALs: Again, you have a real customer base in the NSW community. Reach out to them, ask for their input and feedback and incorporate this into the design. Anecdotally, I know several SEALs expressed concern about the Trident on the dial and the overall design of the watch. Listening to the intended end user is crucial for product development.

-Lastly, keep the Trident and “Navy SEALs” off commercially available watches. It’s really that simple.

Again, this is not meant to be a rabble rousing post–it’s quite the contrary; we want to see Panerai flourish and sell Panerai replica watches wholesale to the Intelligence and SpecOps community for generations to come. With a slight azimuth adjustment we think you can get back on course.

If someone from the NSW community would like to respond to this we would be more than happy to run that article.

We all know SEALs love to write.

Review Luxury Online Fake Panerai Radiomir Quaranta GoldTech™ PAM01026 Watches UK

Sophie Furley

My colleague Allissa has just swooned into the office with rose gold perfect replica Panerai Radiomir Quaranta watches on her wrist and there was a unison of “Oh my God” as she literally transformed from managing editor to media mogul in just one swish of the wrist! Her ear-to-ear smile was also proof of how the timepiece was making her feel. Understandably, it took her a while to part company with it, but now it is on my wrist and I am enjoying the magic!

The cheap UK fake Panerai Radiomir Quaranta GoldTech watches is a contemporary interpretation of Panerai’s first-ever timepiece, which was designed for the Italian navy in the 1940s. This modern version is both smaller (40mm down from 47mm), slimmer (10.15mm), and more elegant with its white sun-brushed sandwich dial. The top Panerai copy watches keeps the iconic Radiomir cone-shaped crown and cushion-shaped case, and is powered by the Maison’s latest-generation automatic movement. In essence, it is a gorgeous timepiece and I am nowhere near close to wanting to give it up!

Marie de Pimodan

When I was asked to take part in a team test with this Swiss made Panerai replica watches, I immediately made a mental leap back in time to the 2023 edition of Watches and Wonders. At the time, my colleague Sophie had asked me what my top 10 favourites from the show had been, and the AAA online super clone Panerai Radiomir Quaranta Goldtech watches was right at the top of the list. And why was that? Firstly, because with this model, Panerai has succeeded in the not-so-easy task of making a tool-watch, originally designed in 1935 for useful purposes to equip army divers, truly elegant. Secondly, because its Goldtech case comes in a 40mm diameter that can be worn by everyone. And that means me!

Mathieu Rotzer 

The first thought that struck me upon encountering this Panerai was one of genuine surprise and almost disbelief. Having been accustomed to larger Panerai replica watches wholesale from the brand, the 40mm size of this timepiece was remarkably compelling. As opposed to the brand’s larger offerings, this piece adds a touch of versatility. To me, this 1:1 2024 fake Panerai watches exudes the perfect balance between military heritage and contemporary design. The beautiful rose gold tones really come alive on the wrist and offer a wonderful experience. In addition, the brown leather strap not only complements the overall design but also adds a dash of sophistication, making it a wristwatch that effortlessly transitions from casual to formal settings. In essence, this Panerai, with its surprising size and captivating aesthetics, has broadened and enriched my perception of the brand.

Allissa Pataki

Coming out of the Panerai boutique, with the best quality replica Panerai Radiomir Quaranta GoldTech watches on my wrist, I felt like a million bucks. It was one of those (few) moments in life where I felt like I was in a movie. The clouds in the sky were whisked away, the sun came out and an upbeat song started playing (or was that just in my head?). It felt like the world was my oyster. This feeling was cemented when the tram driver stopped for me as I waved it down (those who live in Geneva will know: the trams never stop for you). Could it have been the watch? 

While waiting to arrive at my stop, I admired it from every viewpoint and tried to soak up as much of its beauty (and good luck!) as possible, knowing full well that when I arrived at the office, everyone would want to get their hands on it and that we would be separated for rest of the day. I discovered it at Watches and Wonders last year and hoped that our paths would cross again (little did I know!). I love the history behind the piece – for those of you who didn’t know: it is a contemporary version of Swiss cheap fake Panerai’s first watches that they created for the Italian navy in the 1940s. It’s elegant, retro and chic, and perfectly comfortable on a smaller wrist like mine, thanks to its 40mm diameter. And I could not have planned a better outfit for the day: the white sun-brushed dial and matt brown alligator strap matched my beige coat perfectly! 

Arriving at the stop, I snapped out of my daydreaming and, upon my arrival at the office, was met with a collective “Oh my God”. Within seconds, the Panerai replica watches for men was off my wrist and bouncing from desk to desk, as I had predicted. A rather short-lived but wonderful way to start the day, all thanks to a beautiful watch!

Suzanne Wong 

My relationship with replica Panerai watches for sale has changed over the years. About 12 years ago, when I first started out in the watch world, I thought of myself as more of a Radiomir person. I liked the wire lugs, the particular shape of the fluted crown, the sandwich dial, and how refined it looked in rose gold. A few years later, as I gained in confidence and professional experience, I bought myself a 44mm Luminor Marina — its size and overall tough appearance echoed my growing ability to hold my own in this industry. Now, I find myself veering back towards the Radiomir camp, especially in terms of how easy it is to wear and the more compact dimensions of the Due model. This might be a full circle moment for me; I like to think that I’ve got to the stage in life where I’ve developed enough in character and personality that I find something that resonates in me with each watch I encounter.

Luxury 1:1 Panerai eSteel Replica Watches UK: Sustainable Luxury

In 2021, Panerai made a bold declaration to “bring more circular practices to the world of watchmaking“. At the Watches & Wonders 2021 event, Panerai unveiled a remarkable line of classic top replica Panerai Luminor Marina watches crafted in eSteel, a new steel alloy composed of recycled-based materials, accounting for an impressive 58.4% of the total weight. This extraordinary step reflects Panerai’s commitment to sustainability and signifies the brand’s dedication to a more eco-conscious future.

The introduction of the AAA UK fake Panerai eSteel collection watches marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, emphasizing the use of recycled materials without compromising the brand’s renowned design and craftsmanship. This forward-thinking approach not only aligns with contemporary values but also sets a new standard in the luxury watch industry for environmental responsibility.

About Panerai’s Innovative Case Materials

Panerai has a rich history of innovation in watchmaking, particularly in the development of unique case materials. The brand’s venture into distinctive materials began with its patented Carbotech, a composite material based on carbon fiber, which offered unparalleled durability and lightness.

Following this, high quality Panerai replica watches introduced materials like BMG-Tech™, a bulk metallic glass with exceptional resistance to corrosion, and Ceramica, known for its scratch-resistant properties. These developments underscore Panerai’s commitment to combining high performance with aesthetic elegance.

The culmination of these innovations led to the development of eSteel, a material that embodies Panerai’s dedication not only to the craft of watchmaking but also to sustainability. eSteel is significant not just as a technical achievement but as a statement of Panerai’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, marking a new chapter in the brand’s storied history of material innovation​​.

Panerai Watches in eSteel

The Panerai eSteel range initially offered three models within the perfect copy Panerai Luminor Marina collection watches, followed by another three models within the Submersible range.

Panerai Luminor Marina in eSteel

This collection stands out not only for its use of recycled materials but also for maintaining Panerai’s high standards of performance and design. The eSteel material, composed of recycled steel, constitutes 58.4% of the best replica Panerai watches‘ total weight, showcasing Panerai’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. Each watch in the collection weighs a total of 152.4 grams, with 89 grams of that being recycled-based materials, highlighting the brand’s innovative approach to sustainable luxury.

The Luminor Marina eSteel models come in three distinctive versions, each featuring a rubberized crown and a recycled PET strap that matches the dial’s color – Verde Smeraldo (green), Grigio Roccia (grey), and Blu Profondo (blue). These choices not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the Swiss made Panerai super clone watches but also underscore Panerai’s dedication to environmental sustainability. The collection features the Panerai P.9010 movement, offering a three-day power reserve and a water resistance of up to 300 meters, ensuring that these timepieces do not compromise on functionality.

Panerai Submersible in e-Steel

The 2024 online replica Panerai Submersible QuarantaQuattro eSteel watches are a testament to Panerai’s ongoing dedication to sustainability, featuring cases made from the innovative eSteel material, together with the line’s trademark unidirectional rotating bezel in gloss-finished ceramic. Available in the same captivating colors as the Luminor Marina eSteel collection – Verde Smeraldo, Grigio Roccia, and Blu Profondo – these colors enhance the visual appeal of the watches while reflecting the natural environments that Panerai aims to protect.

For the Submersible eSteel range, a total of 72g of recycled materials is used for each watch – that’s 52 percent of its total weight of 137g. The straps are also made of recycled PET, emphasizing the effort to reduce the ecological impact of these Panerai fake watches for sale.

Panerai eSteel – Final Thoughts

The eSteel material used in both collections is part of Panerai’s broader initiative to embrace circular manufacturing practices and reduce its environmental footprint. By incorporating recycled steel into the construction of these luxury wholesale Panerai replica watches, Panerai sets a new standard in the industry, demonstrating that luxury and sustainability can coexist.